What is Ecommerce Website

In today’s time, there are thousands of websites on the Internet where service products and information are being bought and sold, but there are some such websites where any seller can go and sell anything and there is some such website in it.

There is a personal website and there the singer-seller sells his product and his service, that is what we call an e-commerce website.

What do we need to run an e-commerce website?

  1. Website
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Shipping Partner

1. Website

If you want to start your e-commerce website today, then you should have a platform where you will call your customer and show them the product to buy the product from them. You cannot use the commerce website completely, you will have to depend on social media and your sales will also decrease.

2. Payment Gateway

If you have made a platform of yours where you are showing product service to your user, then you will start having difficulty in taking payment because if you have to buy any thing to the user, then where will he make the payment, for that you will have to make a payment on your platform. Payment Gateway will also have to be added so that users can easily pay you.

3. Shipping Partner

You have set up a platform and put a payment gateway on it, but when your user comes to your website and buys your product and pays for it, then he will enter his address, you will get a supporting channel and You will get the Shipping Partner should reach your product to him that you will pay and it is very important in any business Shipping Partner is very necessary, very little of any so that it becomes friendly to all.

Different between Self-hosted and SaaS Platform


If you want to create your own e-commerce website and want to sell your own product, then your self-hosted is going to be very good because in Self-hosted you get many facilities very much from SaaS Platform. It is cheaper because in this you manage everything yourself, you do not need to pay any money to the developer or any other platform, in this you can keep your customer’s data yourself and you can also manage your expenses. Because here you get a lot of facilities that are not available on the SaaS platform, it makes the brand affordable as well.

SaaS Platform

If you are not a technical person, you do not have much knowledge about technology and you want to create your own eCommerce website, then you should go with the SaaS Platform because here you do not need to care about more technical things.

Everything will be managed by this platform because thousands of sellers are building their own e-commerce site in the same way, who do not have much technical knowledge or they cannot create their own e-commerce site but here it is a bit expensive than Self-hosted because Here you will have to make some payment every month whether you have any sales or not and here you will not get your customer data because all this data will be managed by this SaaS platform but it will be more user friendly because here you will Many websites have already been made and their design was made in such a way that it is user friendly.

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