What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to promote products and services you believe in and make money from your own site. However, some people may be new to the world of affiliate marketing and want to know what it’s all about before joining in on the fun. This guide will help you learn everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, so keep reading!

What Is Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketer, or an affiliate, is a website owner who advertises another company’s product or service on their site. In order to be considered an affiliate for a brand, you typically need to register and receive a unique ID from that brand. This allows you to then place links in your content and earn a commission if someone clicks through from your site and purchases something from that company.

Why Choose the Affiliate Route

Advertisers are always looking for ways to get their products in front of more people. When you become an affiliate, your job is to take that product and sell it. There are many ways you can choose to do so: a website, a YouTube channel, email campaigns, social media marketing…the list goes on. Each of these mediums has different levels of competition, but each could help you make money by doing what comes naturally—talking about what interests you with others who share your interests!

How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to monetize your content, but it does require you to join an affiliate network. First, create a website or social media presence for your brand that’s recognizable and relatable (think about your favorite social media influencers). Then, sign up with popular affiliate networks like Share-A-Sale or Commission Junction. These networks will connect you with companies who have products relevant to your niche that they’re willing to pay commissions on when referred sales are made.

Platforms to Use as an Influencer

There are a number of platforms that allow you to use your social media accounts to make money on them, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and more. A quick search will give you an idea of how much each platform can pay you in ad revenue. For example: Using an Instagram account that has 10,000 followers and their ads interface allows for an average of $300 per sponsored post (click here for more information from Instagram on advertising). This means you would earn roughly $3 per every 100 followers.

Choosing a Merchant Account

When you’re just starting out, you don’t want to get bogged down with fees and confusing contracts. Look for a merchant account provider that doesn’t have complex renewal or cancellation procedures, or hidden fees. This can make it easy to sign up for their services and get your business up and running in no time.

Other Interesting Facts About this Industry

Affiliate marketing has a really low barrier to entry, meaning that anyone can become involved. In addition, it’s usually set up so that every affiliate receives an equal share of earnings for each sale, making it one of (if not) the most competitive industries out there. It can also be great if you want to make some extra money on your own schedule. All you need is access to a computer and a strong WiFi connection!

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